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kostas_nikolopoulosKostas is the Director of forLAB. He is an expert in Time Series Analysis & Forecasting,  Forecasting Support Systems and forecasting the impact of Special Events. Professor Nikolopoulos received his Engineering Doctorate in 2002 from National Technical University of  Athens. He has worked in the past for the University of Manchester and other prestigious institutions in U.K. and Greece, and now holds the Chair in Business Analytics in Bangor Business School and iwas from 2011 to 2018 the College Director of Research (Assistant Dean - Research) for the College of Business, Law, Education and Social Sciences in Prifysgol Bangor University. His work has appeared in Journal of Operations Management, European Journal of Operational ResearchIJF, JoF, JORS, Omega, IJPE, IJPR, IMA JMM, JBR, JCIS, IMDS, AE among other journals, and he is an Associate Editor of Oxford IMA Journal of Management Mathematics and Supply Chain Forum: An International Journal.  He is co-originator of the Theta  forecasting method and the ADIDA temporal aggregation method-improving framework.  

ValantisValantis is the Deputy Director of forLABDr Chrysovalantis Vasilakis is Associate Professor(Senior Lecturer) at Bangor University, Department of Business. He has obtained his PhD in Economics in 2013 from Universite Catholque de Louvain. He is also Research Associate at Institute of Economic and Social Research- (IRES)-Universite Catholique de Louvain and The management and Decision Laboratory (MDE-LAB) of the University of Aegean, Department of Financial Engineering and Management. Recently, he joined IZA as a Research Affiliate. His research interests are in International Migration, applied econometrics with applications in Finance, Health, Education, Economic Growth and Corporate Governance. He is also interested in Big data, Machine learning, Forecasting, Number theory and Partial differential equations.


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kostas_nikolopoulosShanti is an Expert in Macroeconomic Forecasting and a Strategic Advisor for the future endeavours of the lab. Formerly 'Centre for Systems Science' Fellow at the University of Rochester and then research fellow on the Southampton Econometric Model Building Unit and more recently a Chair in Economics in Bangor Business School. Subsequently worked on the construction of an econometric model for Wales. Recently visiting professor at the University of Frankfurt and the guest lecturer at Central Institute of Finance, Beijing. 

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brian jones 000 Dr Brian Merfyn Jones, PhD, MSc, DMS, MMS is a Lecturer in Strategic Management in Bangor Business School, and currently researching on “Governance of collaborative partnerships and networks in the Welsh Public sectors. Brian is a Strategic Advisor in forLAB for Local & Regional Engagement in WalesHe has been involved for many years in projects in Regional Economic Development and the use and application of EU Structural Funds.


Doctoral Researchers

(current and alumni)

[Current Students]


Mrs Shujun Xiao (MBA), (Jan 2020-2023) on “Essays in Tourism Demand Forecasting”.


Miss Nenie Eunice Anetekhai (MBA), (Jan 2020-2023) on “Essays in Project Management in SMEs”.



Dr Chris Davies defended his PhD  in Bangor Business School on "Essays in Production, Stock Control and  Forecasting " in March 2019. This was the result of a KESSII project run in Roberts of Port Dinorwic.                                               Dr Waleed Saud A Alghassab defended his PhD in Bangor Business School on "Essays in GDP Forecasting"  in July 2018. He holds a Diploma in Business Administration from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals and a BA in Management and an MBA from the Univesity of New Brunswick in Canada. He is now an Assistant Professor in University of Hail in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.      Dr Azzam Alroomi defended his PhD in Bangor Business School on "Essays in Forecasting Financial Markets with  predictive analytics methods"   in July 2018. He holds an MSc from Bangor University. He is now working as consultant and academic in Kuwait.                                 Dr SamAlhajri succesfully defended her PhD in July 2017 on "The impact of project practices on the performance of public and non-profit organisationsand Research Assistant in forLAB . She has earned her Masters in Educational Leadership from Qatar University in 2009 and working since then as the Head of Research Department in The Childhood Cultural Centre in Qatar where she is responsible of running projects and conducting research related to children cultural issues and concerns.                                                             Dr Christina J. Phillips holds a Joint Honours degree in Mathematics and Physical Oceanography from Bangor University and a Diploma in Physics from the Open University. She is now an Assistant Professor in Business Analytics in  Leeds University after having finished her PhD in Bangor Business School on "Lean, Efficient and Sustainable Operations in the Healthcare industries" through a joint industrial placement+studentship scheme funded by the College of Business,Law, Education and Social Sciences in Bangor University and Siemens Healthcare & Diagnostics Ltd.
Dr Samantha Buxton, MA(Bangor) succesfully defended her thesis “Modeling and Forecasting Pharmaceutical Lifecycles” in October 2013 and is as of February 2014 a Lecturer in Business Analytics at Swansea University
Dr. Vasileios Bougioukos, MA(LSE) successfully defended his thesis "Facilitating Integrative Agreements through Fostering Trust in Negotiations between Labour and Management” in September 2013 and ihis first academic appointments have been as a Research Offiecer at PSSRU in London School of Economics and an Assistant Professor in Wenzhou-Kean University.
Dr Grigoris Spirakis, (PhD and Master in Public Administration - UoP, Greece) after succesfully finished his PhD entitled “On the introduction of e-Government processes in an EU Revenue & Customs department: reluctance to change, tangible benefits and value-for-money investments.” in the Department of Economics in the University of Peloponnese is now persuling a post-doc in the same department that we support here from forLAB as well on the "Tax-reform in Greece: Actions, Impact, Benefits, Proposals and the way Forward!". He is a regular co-researcher in forLAB mostly known for his work on the impact of electronic government on democracy.
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IMG 0618 001Dr Azhdar Karami is a Senior Lecturer in Strategy and management. His research interests include strategic management and innovation in SMEs. He has published several books, journal articles and conference papers. He has published in: Journal of Management Development; International Journal of Management and Corporate Governance: International Journal of Business in Society, International Journal of Technology Management, and International Journal of Business Information Systems.

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Dr Siwan Mitchelmore is a Senior Lecturer in Business and Management at Bangor Business School and is an expert researcher in Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Innovation in SMEs. Siwan has published several journal articles and conference papers in these topic areas. She is also leading the Business School's involvement in Transnational Ecosystems: Laboratory and Actions a €3.8m EU funded project supporting early stage high growth potential companies.


Visiting Researchers

thomakossmall2 Professor Dimitrios D. Thomakos, PhD (Columbia) holds the Chair in Applied Econometrics and is currently the Head of the Department of Economics in the University of Peloponnese as well as a Senior Fellow of the Rimini Center for Economic Analysis. Before returning to his native Greece, Dimitrios was an Assistant Professor in Florida International University. He is a regular visitor in forLAB and in the last few years his is leading globally the research in the Theta method. His work has appeared in top American journals including the MIT Review of Economics and Statistics.

Mr. Sushil Punia, M.Tech (IIT Kanpur), B.Tech (Industrial Engineering), is a doctoral scholar at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India. He is regular co-researcher at forLAB and has been working on machine learning and deep learning-based forecasting models for supply chains optimization. He presented his work at international conferences like INFORMS 2017, and SOM 2019. He has been awarded Springer’s Best Paper Award at SOM 2019 for his work on forecasting methods. His research on forecasting methods has appeared in International Journal of Production Research (IJPR), Industrial Management and Data Systems (IMDS), etc.

fotis Dr Fotios Petropoulos is an Associate Professor  in University of Bath  and a regular visitor in forLAB as well as long-standing collaborator most notably for work in temporal aggregation. Formerly a Research Coordinator of the Forecasting & Strategy Unit of NTUA. Fotios is nowadays mostly enjoying researching in time series and judgmental forecasting and optimal model selection and is the founder of the Forecasting Society.
Nico Dr Nicolas D. Savio is nowadays chasing a hectic but stimulating career as Consultant in Ernst & Young; formerly an Assistant Professor in Operations and Supply Chain Management at Manchester Business School and a regular visitor in forLAB as well as long-standing collaborator most notably for work in strategic forecasting. He graduated with Honours from the University of Manchester in 2006 with a BSc in Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research, and later a MSc in Operational Research/Decision Sciences and a PhD in 2010 under Prof Nikolopoulos's supervision supported from an ESRC/EPSRC Joint Studentship Grant, both from Manchester Business School.
KonstantiaLitsiou Mrs Dina Litsiou, MA(Lancaster), BA(Arts), PGCE is a regular co-researcher in forLAB mostly known for her work on Forecasting for Megaprojects and is currently a Senior Lecturer in Retail Management in Manchester Metropolitan University, while persuing part-time a PhD in Salford Business School on "Forecasting the Success of Megaprojects". She is also a Professeur Vacataire in Marketing in ISCID-CO Business School in Dunkirk in France

Dr Azzam Alroomi is a regular co-researcher in forLAB mostly in the area of Financial forecasting and predictive analytics. He is also leading collaboration opportunities for the lab in the Gulf.

Dr Christos Petropoulos is a regular co-researcher in forLAB mostly in the area of Tourism demand forecasting and planning. He is participating as an external advisor in the supervisory committees of research students in the lab in the aforementioned areas.